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Capture high-intent quality leads on Google

With a search engine market share of over 95%, Google search ads provide a very powerful way of reaching high intent customers (people who are on the verge of a purchasing decision) with the right message at the right time.

In the UAE, there are 120 million search queries done every day on Google. With such a huge number of searches, it’s an opportunity that cannot be missed!

We create high-quality campaigns that work for you. Our digital marketing experts and industry leading technology work together to optimize your campaign and get you the right exposure in front of potential customers.

We do this by creating Google Ads campaigns targeting the right keywords with the right campaign settings so you can capture potential customers as they search on Google for your product or service.

We also provide you with comprehensive reporting and data on your campaign so you can analyze the performance of your ads on an ongoing basis.

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  • Pin on Map Icon.

    Geo Targeting

    Display your ads to Internet users based on their physical location.

  • Capture by Intent.


    You capture users when they’re searching for your service/product.

  • Target by Timing.


    Reaching the right people at exactly the right time they’re searching for your product/service.

  • Relevance icon.


    Your message is relevant to the user searching for your service/product.

  • Cost Effective icon.

    Cost effective

    You only pay when a user shows interest in your product (clicks on your ad).

  • Data Analysis Icon.


    Visibility, spend, messaging, etc in the search results is all within your control.

Have a clear view of the 
channels' performance

  • Reporting icon


    Detailed reporting dashboard providing you with full visibility so you can easily track the progress of your campaign. You will have visibility over a range of metrics including impressions, clicks, engagements and leads, all in one place.

  • Call Tracking

    Call Tracking

    Our unique call tracking technology helps you see how effectively your ads lead to phone calls. It tracks the phone calls that you receive, the numbers of customers who call you, the recording of calls, the location of calls, and even missed calls are tracked.

Learn how Google Ads can generate leads for your business every day!

Explore in-depth UAE market data, insights, and expert tips on how Google Ads can be one of your biggest assets as a local business owner.

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