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Take control of your business everywhere, all the time.

Can your customers find you?

See how your business information is displayed online on places like Google Maps, Foursquare, Facebook, and more.

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Here is how Local Boost can help you

Shop owner stand by her storefront.

Let your customers find you

Be visible wherever your customers are looking. Put your brand on 20+ platforms such as Google Maps, Facebook and more.

Control your brand

Ensure your business information like opening hours, business name, phone number or address is consistent and complete everywhere online.

Store owner managing Customer Experience

Build a better customer experience

Ensure your customers get timely feedback by monitoring customer reviews/questions and responding to them promptly.

Store owner using Local Boost dashboard.

Make your life easy

Easily manage your brand information and customer engagement on all platforms from one single dashboard.

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  • Sync your business information on 20+ of the most popular search sites and apps including Google Maps, Facebook, Foursquare, and more. 

  • Lock down your business information across the web and have total control. No one can make unauthorized changes to your business information. 

  • Monitor your business listing performance across different platforms.

  • Schedule updates on your business information – like changing Eid working hours.

  • Suppress any duplicate listings of your business online.

  • Monitor and manage customer reviews on your business listings.

Not enough?
Choose Local Boost Premium

In addition to Local Boost Basic, complete your online presence by managing customer ratings and reviews on all supported network partners.
Improve customer service and loyalty by understanding your customers better.

Sync and update content
Brand Protection
Performance Reporting
Duplicate Supression
Scheduled Updates
Social Posting
Review Monitoring
Review Response
Review Generation
Review Publishing
Review Insights
Competitive Intelligence
Sentiment Analysis

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