Refund Policy:

At bfound customer satisfaction is our top priority. The only case in which you may be provided a refund of your Subscription Fee (as defined below) is when we fail to meet our commitment to provide a specific amount of traffic to your listing on the Site, which is measured by the results which consists of either clicks, views, or calls depending on the package you buy. The number of clicks you are guaranteed is set forth in the customer offer letter package for your Subscription. The traffic we drive to your profile page comes from one of our partners, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or some other media company. This traffic is directed specifically at your profile page on our Site, not to any other domain.

The digital advertising system that we use follows a rollover model. This means that if we do not reach the required number of clicks for your Content in a given calendar month, the shortfall will be added to the following month. This ensures that you will receive the full number of clicks during the Subscription Term (as defined below). If we fail to meet these specifications, you may request a refund at any time up to two weeks prior to the end of the Subscription Term by sending an email to No requests for refund will be considered after this time and no refund will be given in cases where bfound meets the standards set forth in your customer offer letter package, taking into account the rollover. In some circumstances, it may be advantageous for the appearance and performance of your profile to include a smaller amount of content and keywords than is stated in the customer offer letter package for your Subscription. In the case of a reduced amount of content, you will be asked to approve the content and keywords to be included in the profile. If you agree to such amended specifications, you are waiving your right to terminate the contract on the basis of your profile not containing the same amount of content as stated in your customer offer letter package.