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bfound Is Up To Something Naughty

Something is cooking at the bfound kitchen! bfound’s creative team has been holding secret meetings about an upcoming project and we managed to get an exclusive sneak peek behind the curtain.

Every month, we try to bring you a slice of the bfound life. This week, we’re on to something fun!

There is never a dull morning at the bfound office and the last few mornings have been particularly bustling, with paper planes flying and brain storming sessions over cheesecake. bfound’s creative team is up to something and we managed to get a hold of some internal images to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain.

It was a regular Tuesday morning until the creative team decided to storm the office and pull everybody into the action. Needless to say, everybody (including this author) was sworn to secrecy. But that wasn’t it!

The video production crew was spotted hopping around Dubai, enjoying coffee at a café, tossing toilet paper rolls, playing golf, and even wearing cardboard boxes!


Rob, Rodrigo and Pragya with boxes on their heads

bfounders love to push the boundaries and there is no bad idea when the neurons start firing at the bfound meeting table. Sources tell us that this may be part of bfound’s secret plan for world domination. Stay tuned to find out!

Erik posing at coffee shop


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